Receive Google Forms Data Via Email

Step 1: Launch Google Drive

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How to Delay WordPress RSS After Publishing Post

There’s several reason’s you’ll benefit from delaying your RSS from being available to the world.

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Move WordPress .htaccess to Virtual Host for Improve Performance

Moving you WordPress .htaccess file to your vhost configuration files will indeed improve the performance of apache.

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How to view photos in a slideshow on Windows 8

Took me a minute to figure out how to view photos in a slideshow (or spelled slide show) on Windows 8.

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Create More Reads By Linking Your Articles Together

Interlinking your articles together is a great way to keep people flowing between your articles which will increase your reads!

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How to Erase Your Hard Drive with DBAN | Review

In this review of DBAN I mention that it’s not the most user friendly product, but if you give it a couple stabs more often than not you’ll succeed. Keep in mind DBAN is open source and free. Commercial products … Continue reading

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How to Create a New Post for Publishing

New to wordpress? Here’s the quick and dirty for publishing articles.

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Best Rechargeable Batteries and Charger For Game Controllers

I own a Sony Play Station, XBOX and WII. Needless to say, I burn through batteries at a rapid pace or at least I used to. I found the best batteries and charger for my game controllers after much research … Continue reading

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Adsense Hosted Account: Adding Your Website

If you already monetized your youtube account with adsense, (or blogger / some other hosted account) you can then add domains (your website) to your Google Adsense hosted account via the Account -> Site Authorization area.

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Static Share URL for Twitter Facebook and G+

Want to know how to add a share link in your email or articles without using javascript?

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